What We Do?

The quality of dried saffron stigma is highly dependent on the processing and storage conditions. We do all the steps perfectly and with HCCP instruction.

We follow ISO 3632-2, UV/HPLC, Spectrophotometry to absorption spectrum of saffron in methanol has maxima at 440 and 250 nm.

Growing and exporting pure saffron is what we do. We have many seasonal employees that are working during of harvest, picking and remove the stigmas from the flowers. of course they are all experts, healthy and passed some different steps evey year (OHSAS 18001 & HACCP)

The stigmas drying as soon as they removed and then keep in tin cans. The moisture become lower by electronic heaters and big plates of electronic oven, the temprator of heating is 60° C . They are all inhouse facilities. We decrease the moisture from 75-8% to 8-12% and keep it in 15° C RH is 10-12% during of storage.

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